Fatuma Mwabuzi is an inspiring person within her community. Her experience, calm and wise character have made her a go-to person when it comes to good guidance of the learners. She acts as a consultant for the families within the communities and has managed to stand out as a bond between parents, teachers and learners. Fatuma has been selected as one of the Parents’ Association Chairperson, she has completed high school and received her certificate. In short, she is good role model.

Tell us your story, who are you?

My name is Fatuma Hassan Mwabuzi, I am 33 years old. I was once a student at Likoni Secondary School, which I have finished in 2009. I am a member of the community around Madago Primary School and I am actively involved in diverse matters regarding the education of our children.

What are the values that guide you through life?

Honesty, kindness and integrity are my core values that guide me. I also believe in cooperation with other people, as only together we can work to find the best solutions.

What is your relationship with Madago Primary School?

I am a member of the Board of Management of Madago Primary School. 

Why do you think education, and especially early age education, is important?

This one is easy – education is the key to success in life, and – most importantly – education will give our children the chance to be employed later in life.

What is the biggest challenge of the children in your community when it comes to accessing education?

Poverty. Parents often are unable to raise funds for their children to ensure their education. This issue becomes even more salient when it comes to kids accessing higher education.

Another issue is the scarcity of learning materials. I feel that we are lacking sufficient resources for the learners and teachers to use.

Also, it is very important to mention the fact that we definitely lack enough teachers in our schools.

What support would families of the community need, in order to ensure children access to quality education?

I believe that we have a crucial role in educating communities about the importance of education. When facing daily challenges, parents forget too soon how important the education of their children is, and do not see it as a priority. However, it is this attitude that creates an inescapable circle of poverty for many families.

I also believe that students need to be given full support with the learning materials, as it is extremely difficult to stay in school and have good results when you lack basic things for school.

What would you change at Madago Primary School and the community if you could?

I would build a perimeter wall, to ensure the security of all students and the school in general. I would definitely hire more teachers and make sure to equip the school with alle necessary teaching materials.

What life advice would you like to pass on to kids and grown-ups?

Education is the key to success!

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