Tell us your story. Who are you?

My name is Ali Juma Rorera, I am a resident of Biga village. I am 30 years old, and I was once a student of Madago Primary School. I have graduated Secondary School and have done my final exam in 2010.

What are the values that guide you through life?

I strongly believe that the key to success for us as a community is cooperating with each other and sharing good ideas, to ensure development.

What is your relationship with Madago Primary School?

I am the parents’ representative chairperson of Madago Primary School, and, as stated, former student of it. This experience is extremely valuable in my position, as I can understand what children and their families are facing and how we can contribute to make the learning experience better.

Why do you think education is important? 

There are many reasons for this:

  • Education can contribute to human development
  • Education gives us employment & identity
  • Education gives us knowledge
  • Education develops a meaningful outlook on life
What is the biggest challenge of the children in your community when it comes to accessing education?

I would say that the short answer is poverty. Children often lack most basic things that would help them stay in school, like stationery, notebooks, clothes. At school level there is a shortage of learning materials, there is a general lack of funding for education. And there is also one very important thing that is crucial – the non-availability of enough teachers.

What is your understanding of equal opportunities for girls, and how do you think this can be achieved?

I believe that the most important step to empowering girls is to ensure that girls receive the same education and job opportunities as boys. A very salient issue in this respect is stopping child marriage and sexual harassment.

What would you change at Madago School and the community if you could?

I would get more teachers in the school. Also, in terms of conditions, the infrastructure needs to be improved. Water pipes and electricity are needed, but also the whole school needs renovation. Last, but not least, I think building a perimeter wall would ensure security to learners and teachers.

What life advice would you like to pass on to kids and grown-ups?

Love one another, build good relationships, and always share ideas with each other. Always keep in mind that education is key and take care of your careers. Always strive to be a good role model!

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