Our series of real life heroes presentation continues, this month with the story of one of the school board members – Moses Wanaswa.

Moses is ‘a man of the people’ – this is how most of his friends and acquaintances choose to describe him. With his sharp gaze and bright mind, he has found a way to transform things to better with simple means. He is a board member of Madago Primary School and is constantly searching for ways to improve the school conditions and quality of the education activities. Not only does he participate in local meetings with governmental institutions to draw funds, but he always seeks for alternative ways to fund local small projects designed at empowering locals. Moses seems to see the benefits of development in small steps and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure access to resources to everybody.

Tell us your story. Who are you?

I am Moses Barasa Wanaswa, 42 years old, single father of two children by the name Vincent and Valentine. I am a casual worker, who likes to be involved in all types of voluntary activities in the community. I am a driver by profession, I started driving motorbikes 15 years ago, then advanced to being a tuk-tuk driver & taxi. I am working in tourism, and I am having daily contact with people from all over the world. Many years ago, I have started my studies in Computer Science, but due to my family situation I could not finish them. Nevertheless, I am computer literate 😊.

What are the values that guide you through life?

Family, honesty, and respect.

What is your relationship with Madago Primary School?

I have always been involved in doing community work. Since I know my way with computers, I offered my services as a voluntary IT teacher in the school many years ago. While performing this job at the school, the head mistress realized that I am also a good administrator, so I was given the mandate of chairman in the school board.

What would you change at Madago School and the community if you could?

If I had the chance to choose how to make a difference, I would do two things. First, I would buy a bus for the school, to be used by students and teachers, making travelling to and from school much easier for them. Second, I would open a fully equipped computer lab, and I would use it not only for teaching the children, but also the community around the school. We all must recognize the growing importance of the digital world, and I believe everyone should have access to it, and possess some basic knowledge on how to use it.

What life advice would you like to pass on to kids and grown-ups?

Always maintain your integrity. In the end, you only have two things: your memories and your name. Also, I would encourage kids to find their passion and give 100% in order to live it.

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